Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Git 'er dun!!!

Well, last week I got the news that One Heart One Mind was shutting down and of course letting me and the rest of the design team go. I'm really going to miss working for them, it was such a great experience. But the owner, Becki got a terrific opportunity she couldn't pass on.
Anyway, now I'm looking for a new opportunity myself. It's been really hard to get back in the swing of things I'm use to my routine and I just work better when I know the project has to get done. Now I'm foot loose and fancy free, with a ton of supplies, I don't know where to start!!
I was thinking of making up challenges for myself. The first one should be only use the supplies I have already!!! But I know I wouldn't be able to to that! (LOL)
I really do need to do a few layouts though I've been doing so many cards and altered stuff lately that I've neglected all the photos I need to scrap. I guess that will be my first challenge, at least two layouts this week. As my old boss used to say "Git 'er dun!!!!!"


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